Bunn Inc - Bunn Box - Roll Off Containers, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Bunn Incorporated offers roll off containers for commercial and residential purposes. Container sizes range from 15 yard to 40 yard boxes and can be filled with any non-hazardous materials. Pricing is dependent upon location, container size, and material.

Bunn Inc - Bunn Box - Roll Off Container, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Services Services (cont.) Save Money
• 15, 20, 30 and 40 yard roll-off Bunn Boxes

for construction or demolition projects.

• Source Separated – recyclable waste

materials are separated into designated

roll-off Bunn Boxes at the job site. Bunn

Boxes can be delivered with marked

containers for the specific materials

• Drywall/Gypsum Board Only,

Clean Wood Only (unpainted, untreated),

Cardboard Only, Scrap Metal Only,

Concrete Only, Masonry Only.

• Front-load commercial containers from

2 to 8 yard containers and with several

service options available upon request.

Rental Information

• Scheduled Bunn Box service 24 hours per

day, 7 days a week and our dispatch

is always available to answer your call.

• Do not load your Bunn Box beyond the

top rim. Our drivers must be able

to cover the load for safe transportation.

Bunn Boxes offer a demolition waste-recycling program that can save your project money through reduced tipping fees, improved rates of recycling and higher quality recyclables. Not all recycling programs are created equally, call Bunn today and find out how we can make a difference on your next demo job.

Call 260.747.1791
         or 855-BUNN-BOX

              to order your Bunn Box!

What SHOULD Be In Your Bunn Box?

Wood Plaster Metal Asphalt
Bricks Concrete Furniture Carpet
Pipes Wiring Plastics Fixtures

What SHOULDN’T Be In Your Bunn Box?

Florescent Tubes Lead Paint Hazardous Waste
Batteries Asbestos Toxic Waste
Lead piping Creosote Lumber Liquid Waste

Bunn Box Inc. Has a New Recycle and Transfer Station!
Bunn Box Inc. Recycle and Transfer Station at 6301 Ardmore, Fort Wayne, IN 46809
M-F 8am to 4pm / Saturday 8am-12pm / Closed Sunday.

Bunn Box is a locally owned company and has designed a unique recycling recovery and solid waste processing location. The 18 acre facility features a complete concrete, metals and wood recovery processes, commercial single stream drop-off location and solid waste processing center. The facility easily accommodates a range of potential customers from Industrial, Commercial and Residential users with a clean, friendly and easy to use location that can handle your recycling and solid waste disposal needs.